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You have found him

  Say hello to your Canadian motivational speaker, George Torok. 

  Best selling author, radio show host, presentation specialist, creativity catalyst





Is George Torok an engaging motivational speaker?

Thank you for another great presentation. I've heard you speak many times and you just keep getting better.

My sales brokers were not only presented with excellent, useable material that they can apply in their daily work, but were also thoroughly entertained - what a rare combination.

I highly recommend your presentation to any organization looking for a dynamic speaker who can deliver a meaningful message with enthusiasm and humour. George, you never disappoint - thanks again!
Dan Lawrie
President & CEO
Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers


Is George Torok a practical business speaker?

"Second time I hired you"

This is the second time I hired you to speak to our people. That speaks of my high confidence in you, your style and your message. That also speaks of my satisfaction. I would hire you again - because I know I can count on your results.

Because our business is built on relationships, I valued the emphasis you placed on relationship building. You explained why. You clarified principles. You showed them how. You challenged them to get involved.

Most importantly, you demonstrated that despite the chores, our business can be fun. You clearly have fun at what you do. That makes it so easy for your audience to enjoy your presentation and soak up your insights.
John Porter
Tradebank Inc


Is George Torok a professional speaker?



"Most professional speaker ever"


CPSA presents over 150 events across the country in a year and you are the most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure of working with. And I'm not the only one who feels that way. In fact almost 90% of the audience rated your content and/or delivery as Excellent.
Anne Babej
Director Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute




As you can see, audiences and clients rave about George Torok and his motivational presentations.



Bottom line - George Torok is an engaging, motivational, business savvy, professional speaker. And he's Canadian - imagine that.



Click the play button below to view this video of motivational speaker, George Torok, live on the streets of downtown Toronto.






Want to see your motivational speaker in action?

Click play below to watch this video. It's raw footage of your motivational speaker. No fancy tricks or special effects -just your speaker in action. This was a small group of small and medium sized business owners. You can see how comfortably George Torok handles questions and group interaction effectively and in his own "Goofy" style. And yes, George Torok also speaks to large groups.





George Torok Works with Many Canadian Corporations


Motivational Keynote Speaker for Canadian Associations

George Torok speaks to associations across Canada and the rest of North America. He delivers motivational keynote speeches, informative seminars and engaging workshops.



"10 out of 10"


Thank you for helping to make CGA Ontario's annual conference the success it was. Thank you for readily accommodating the ever-growing number for your session.

In fact, your median rating for the session on creative problem solving was 10/10. One can't do any better than that. Thank you for your enthusiastic and creative training.
Delmarie Scherloski, Director
CGA Ontario


What Canadian associations has he spoken to?

Association of Canadian Clubs, Canadian Booksellers Association, Canadian Hotel Marketing & Sales Executives, Canadian Institute of Management, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Canadian Sanitation Supply Association, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Canadian Manufacturers of Chemical Specialties, Canadian Professional Sales Association, Canadian Society of Association Executives, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Professonal Organizers of Canada, Purchasing Management Association of Canada... 


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University & College Faculty and Guest Speaker


George Torok is on the faculty of the Canadian Management Center, CMC, which is an affiliate of the American Management Association, AMA. For the past decade George Torok has delivered Effective Executive Speaking, the flagship program for CMC.


George Torok has instructed at three Canadian business schools: DeGroote at McMaster University, Schulich at York University and Queens Executive MBA program at Queens University. In addition he has been a guest speaker at three Canadian colleges. Even while meeting the content requirements of the academic environment his programs are described as motivational, engaging and memorable.



"Understanding and humility"


It was most enlightening to hear you speak to our business students at the DeGroote School of Business. You provided valuable content, entertained us and demonstrated both a clear understanding and humility for the science and art of presentation skills.
Paul Bates, Dean
DeGroote School of Business




Canadian Association of Professional Speakers


George Torok is a charter member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, (CAPS). This is the association in Canada that promotes professional and ethical standards within the Canadian professional speaking industry. CAPS is a founding member of the International Federation for Professional Speaking, IFFPS.


George Torok has served CAPS on both the Toronto chapter board and the Canadian national board. He continues to serve the association in various roles - committee member, convention speaker, chapter presenter, expert advisor and contributing writer.





Canadian Media Expert


In which media has your motivational speaker appeared?


George Torok is often interviewed and quoted as a business expert for many Canadian and international media. The media that contacts and quotes George Torok for provocative insights includes: The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, CBC, The Toronto Star, Profit Magazine, Montreal Gazette...





Canadian Journalist, Columnist and Business Writer


George Torok has written and published over 350 articles in many Canadian and international publications. He has written regular columns for The National Post, Enterprise Magazine, Success Weekly and The Business Link. In addition he contributes to the Globe and Mail, Profit magazine and many other Canadian and international publications.







Canadian Radio Talk Show Host


George Torok is the creator and host of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion on 93.3 cfmu. This radio show features 30-minute interviews with Canadian business leaders. George Torok has interviewed over 400 business leaders, innovators and entreprenuers.


Contrary to many radio and TV shows about business this program delves into the motivational lessons of business leaders. This radio show showcases what business is doing right and how we can learn from them. And of course we also learn from the mistakes. Because failure can also be a powerful motivator.







Canadian Bestselling Author


George Torok is co-author of the Canadian bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing. This book is Canada’s first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. The book reached Canadian bestseller status within six months of publication and is published in at least seven countries. Secrets of Power Marketing is a treasure of practical marketing ideas written in an entertaining and motivational style.




"One of the most practical marketing books"


Next to a lifetime of experience this is one of the most practical marketing books I have seen. I know you wrote this book for small business - but big business could learn a lot from it too.
George Cohon
Senior Chairman of McDonalds Canada and McDonalds Russia
Author of To Russia with Fries


"Captured so much practial advice"


I am so pleased to see that you have captured so much practical advice in Secrets of Power Marketing. You understand and illustrate the importance of being focused, of feeling proud about your product, and connecting with people. It does not take expensive advertising campaigns. It is more important to be unique, be real and be human.
Frank C. Buckley
WK Buckley Limited
manufacturer of Buckley's Cough Mixture
"It tastes awful and it works"




Canadian Books


George Torok has been quoted in several other Canadian books by Canadian authors. One of his highest acknowledgements was to be recognized by Canada’s great author and editor – John Robert Colombo. John Robert Colombo is considered Canada’s most prolific author. Colombo has been called a Canadian national treasure. He is the author or editor of over 150 books and is a member of the Order of Canada. John Robert Colombo writes about Canadian motivational giants.



A sampling of the quotes from George Torok included in Colombo’s quote book;

“As my grandfather used to say, ‘You can do anything you want but you can’t do everything you want.”

“Mountain climbers will scale a mountain because ‘it is there’. Why don’t teenagers clean the mess in their room for the same reason?”

“Anyone can manage when things go right. It takes a leader to take charge when things go wrong.”

“There are three types of meetings – boring, complete waste of time and postponed.”




What's motivational about running marathons?


George Torok knows the pain of quiting and the embarassment of not measuring up. In high school he failed to make the football team so he ended up on the track team. That led him to the cross country team. They were the geeks of the track team. George Torok dropped out of his first high school race. It was a six-mile race. Thirty years later he completed his first marathon - 26 miles. Since then he has completed two full marathons and five 30-k races. So what's motivational about running marathons? Crossing the finish line.






 Canadian motivational speaker for your association conference or convention. A Canadian motivational business speaker for your corporate meetings and special events. Inspirational keynote speaker & bestselling author, George Torok, delivers practical business insights in an engaging and motivational style.

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